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Tells you information about a user.


/msg Q WHOIS <nick|#authname>


  • <nick|#authname> - The nick or authname (prefixed with hashtag (#)) of the user to view the details on.

Additional info:

If a nickname was provided, then Q will respond with the account details the user is authed with. If the user is not authed then Q will be unable to retrieve the information.

The WHOIS command can be used to verify the user to be the account he claims to be, to verify a user is a staff member, to view the users authed with an account, to view the last time the user was authed to, etc..

Q will respond with the provided account's details:

  • QuakeNet Staff - If the account is a staff member's account, the account's role will be returned. Otherwise, it won't be shown.
  • Account users - The users' nicks currently authed to the account. If no users authed to it, "(none)" will be displayed.
  • User created - The date and time the account was created. This is shown only for accounts created after March 2008, after the new Q has been rolled out.
  • Last auth - The last date and time a user authed to the account.
  • All the common channels the account is known at and the flags on each channel. This will not show you all their flags OR show you any banned (+b) flags.

If the user provided is yourself, the returned result will be the same as using the WHOAMI command.


To use the WHOIS command you must be authed to an account.


This will show the account information for the account named JohnAuth:

`/msg Q WHOIS #JohnAuth`

This will show the account information for the user nicknamed John:

`/msg Q WHOIS John`

Wrong usage:

Trying to WHOIS an unauthed user:

`/msg Q WHOIS fishbot`  
`-Q- User fishbot is not authed`

Trying to WHOIS a non-existing account (accounts may be expired):

`/msg Q WHOIS #fishbot`  
`-Q- Can't find user #fishbot`

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