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Changes your current user flags.


/msg Q USERFLAGS [+|-<flags>]


  • <flags> - If provided, the flags to add or remove.


  • +c - Achievements - Enables the achievements system - allows use of achievement commands and sends achievement messages.
  • +n - Notice - Causes the bot to send you NOTICEs. If this flag is not set the bot will communicate using PRIVMSGs.

Additional info:

If the flags parameter is not provided, the current flags will be returned.

Userflags are certain flags of your account that are used by the service to determine its reaction to your commands. They are set with the USERFLAGS command, and take flag letters in the same format as similar commands, i.e. preceded by +/-.


To use the USERFLAGS command you must be authed to an account.


This command will remove your notice USERFLAGS (+n) flag:

`/msg Q USERFLAGS -n`
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