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Show or change the list of channel modes being enforced on the channel


/msg Q CHANMODE <#channel> [<modes>|none]


  • <#channel> - The channel to view or set the enforced modes on.
  • <modes> - The modes to enforce or forbid from the channel. If none is provided, no modes will be enforced.

Additional info:

Modes specified with plus (+) will be enforced on the channel at all times, those specified with minus (-) will not be allowed on the channel. If no modes are specified, the current setting will be displayed.

If +k or +l modes are included, the actual key or limit to be enforced must also be specified, for example "-il+ntk mykey", or "+nstl-Cc 20".

If you do not want to enforce any modes, /msg Q CHANMODE #channel none will clear the list.

Note: Unlike similar commands that work on flags, specifying modes REPLACES the list of enforced modes rather than changing the existing list. This is because minus (-) modes are valid as well as plus (+) modes. Thus whenever you specify the modes argument you must provide the complete list of desired modes each time. So if CHANMODE is currently +inst and you don't want to enforce +i any more, you must do CHANMODE +nst; if you did CHANMODE -i instead then the list would change to just "-i" (so it would not allow +i to be set, but also wouldn't enforce +nst any more).

Note: If autolimit is enabled (see CHANFLAGS +c) it will enforce the limit (+l) mode, with the value updating periodically as users join and leave. This enforced limit cannot be changed or overridden without disabling the autolimit feature using the CHANFLAGS command.


To view the CHANMODE modes you must have at least the op flag (+o) in the CHANLEV list on the channel.
To edit the CHANMODE modes you must have at least the master flag (+m) in the CHANLEV list on the channel.


This will show the current CHANMODE modes on channel #channel:

`/msg Q CHANMODE #channel`

This will enforce the +nt modes and will forbid the +i mode on channel #channel:

`/msg Q CHANMODE #channel +nt-i`

This will clear all enforced modes on channel #channel:

`/msg Q CHANMODE #channel none`

Wrong usage:

Trying to enforce an unknown modes or user modes:

`/msg Q CHANMODE #channel +o user`  
`-Q- Done.`
`-Q- Current forced modes on #channel: (none)`

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