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Ban a hostmask permanently on a channel.


/msg Q PERMBAN <#channel> <banmask> [<reason>]


  • <#channel> - The channel to add the permanent ban to.
  • <banmask> - The banmask to ban.
  • <reason> - The ban reason. Default: Banned.

Additional info:

If the ban is removed from the channel (e.g. by a channel op or the BANTIMER feature) then the ban will be reapplied if a matching user joins the channel.

Bans set with the PERMBAN command can be removed with the BANCLEAR or BANDEL commands. Any users matching the hostmask will be kicked from the channel.


To use the PERMBAN command you must have at least the master flag (+m) in the CHANLEV list on the channel.


This will set a permanent ban for the user John on channel #channel:

`/msg Q PERMBAN #channel John!*@*`

This will set a permanent ban for the account named JohnAuth on channel #channel with reason "Not wanted":

`/msg Q PERMBAN #channel *!*@JohnAuth.users.quakenet.org Not wanted`

Wrong usage:

Trying to set an expiry for a ban (temporary bans can be set using the TEMPBAN command):

`/msg Q PERMBAN #channel John!*@* 3d Not wanted`

(in this scenario, Q will simply ban John with a reason of "3d Not wanted")

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