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Creates a new user account in Q.


/msg Q HELLO <email@address.com> <email@address.com>


  • <email@address.com> - Your valid email address. The address should be written twice for validation.

Additional info:

Your current nickname will be used for the name of the account, and may only contain letters, numbers, and hyphens (-). However, it does NOT mean you have registered your nick, it only means you have created an account to be authed with our services which is named using your current nickname.

Note: The email address should be written twice and not copy-pasted. This is to verify that you have written the email address correctly, and not copy-paste a mistake. Always verify that your email address is up-to-date using the WHOAMI command. Please do not use a temporary address as they are likely to be blocked or changed at any time preventing you from recovering your account details.

You can create up to two users for each email address.

After executing the HELLO command, Q will inform you either the account has been created or not, and what the problem is. If it was created, an email will be sent to the email address you supplied with a link in which you will be able to get the account details. You will be asked to complete a captcha in order to complete the creation of your account (please make sure 3rd party cookies are enabled at your browser).

The email is usually instant, make sure to search for the spam filter or junk box for the email from Q. If you still haven't received the email from Q, you can use the REQUESTPASSWORD command to ask for your password again.

To auth to your account use the AUTH command. Newly registered accounts which has never been authed to will be expired and deleted after 3 days.


This will create an account with the current nickname registered with email address hello@world.com:

`/msg Q HELLO hello@world.com hello@world.com`

Wrong usage:

Trying to use the brackets when writing the email address:

`/msg Q HELLO  `  
`-Q- Email () contains invalid characters`

Writing your email address once only:

`/msg Q HELLO hello@world.com`  
`-Q- You didn't provide enough parameters for hello.`

Trying to set an email address you have not written down the same:

`/msg Q HELLO hello@world.com world@hello.com`  
`-Q- Sorry, but first and second email addresses don't match`

Trying to create an account which is already registered:

`/msg Q HELLO hello@world.com hello@world.com`  
`-Q- Someone already has the account name John!`
`-Q- If this is your account use AUTH to login, otherwise please change your nick using /NICK and try again.`

Trying to create an invalid account:

`/msg Q HELLO hello@world.com hello@world.com`  
-Q- Change your nickname to something with none of the following characters: `~^[]{}|_\

Trying to create an account with email address which is already registered to too many accounts:

`/msg Q HELLO hello@world.com hello@world.com`  
`-Q- Too many accounts exist from this email address.`

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