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What is a 'mask'?

A mask is a way of combining user data into a way which can be used in channel bans, ignore masks, etc.

A mask is constructed in the following way:


You may notice that some users have a ~ before their ident. This means that the IRC server did not receive an ident response from their client. You will need to include this character in masks.

Masks also allow the use of 'wildcard' characters. These are characters with special meanings.

? matches a single character

* matches any number of letter and characters, including no characters at all.

Below are a set of users which we will use to apply to masks.

a) joe!bloggs@something.com

b) nick!bloggs@someone.com

Below are a set of masks, each saying which users of the above they match.

1) *!*@something.com

This mask matches (a)

2) *!*@some*.com

This mask matches (a) and (b)

3) *!bloggs@someone.com

This mask matches (b)

4) *!bloggs@*

This mask matches (a) and (b)

An additional rule is also available when using masks. Say 'Joe' is authed as 'JoeBloggs', then *!*@JoeBloggs.users.quakenet.org matches Joe when he is authed, regardless of nickname, ident or host.

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