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Can I register my nickname?

QuakeNet does not use a nickname reservation service, such as NickServ, to reserve nicknames. As a result of this, you cannot register your nickname on QuakeNet. If a nickname is available, any user is allowed to use it.

However, this does NOT apply to the nicknames of IRC Operators, Helpers and Network Services, due to security related issues. If a user uses any of these nicknames, or similar nicknames, an operator may immediately disconnect the user from the network WITHOUT prior notice.

You can register a Q account with your nickname though, and the account is named after your current nick. So if your nickname is "Mike", when you create your account your username would be "Mike". It is not possible to change your username, so choose wisely! (We suggest not using your clan\team tags!). Basically, you can't create a Q account with name XYZ unless your nick is XYZ when you create it.

This help article's short URL is http://quakenet.org/help/3

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