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Someone is abusive towards me, what should I do?

There are many ways of being "abusive". Typically it means advertising, flooding, insulting and/or threatening. Sadly, there are always people who want to spoil the fun for all the others by harassing them or by "revenging" something. Usually, if it's just one individual letting the steam out, it's just best to ignore him/her and he/she will probably cool down in a few minutes.

If the abuse is massive and setting user mode +R and/or banning him doesn't help, you can come to #help and ask for a #feds ticket to report it. Try to remember that the #feds staff can't dig into every abuse case, so please first make sure that you've done all you can to make the abuse stop before asking for a #feds ticket.

Also remember that "/ignore nick" is your best friend when someone is causing you problems.

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