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What user modes are available on QuakeNet?

User mode +d

You will not receive channel notices or messages.

Usage: /MODE nickname +d

Queries and private messages will still be received. Users who have this mode set will have a - symbol next to every channel in thier WHOIS result.

User mode +i

No normal user can find you using /WHO, /NAMES or similar search facilities. This user mode is now activated for all clients which connect to QuakeNet and cannot be disabled.

User mode +R
Restrictive Messaging

Only allows users authed with Q to PRIVMSG/NOTICE/INVITE/CTCP you.

Usage: /MODE nickname +R

A useful mode if virus drones are PRIVMSG'ing virus links to you, or you are being spammed by unauthed users via PRIVMSG or NOTICE.

User mode +w

Allows you to receive walluser message sent by IRC operators.

Usage: /MODE nickname +w

User mode +x
Hidden host

Changes your host to "authname.users.quakenet.org", where authname is your Q account name.

Usage: /MODE nickname +x

Users will see you quit and rejoin IRC with this new host. You are advised to set this mode before entering any channels for maximum security. Once this mode is set, it cannot be deactivated. To remove the hidden host you must reconnect to IRC, or "jump" your bouncer.

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