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What are the official channels?

QuakeNet has 3 official support channels. These three and their functions are explained below.

This is the number 1 channel for your questions. #help supports users with their IRC and QuakeNet related problems. Subjects outside these areas are guided to other semi-official (such as #advice) or unofficial channels. Here you can ask, for example, about problems with our services or channel management issues. This is also the only channel where you can get a ticket to the IRC operator channel #feds.

You can only join this channel if you have been granted a ticket for #feds in #help. This is QuakeNet's IRC operator channel, which deals mainly with trust issues, takeovers and other sort of abuse. More information can be found at the #feds FAQ.

This is a support channel for the IRC client mIRC. The channel deals with all sort of mIRC-related problems, such as scripting and configuring the client. More information can be found at their official Website.

NOTE: QuakeNet staff don't get paid for their work. They are all doing everything voluntarily, they have real lives, jobs, families, mortgages etc. Therefore it might take some time to get help in their channel. Don't expect the staff to get fired from their real life jobs just because you demand urgent help. So please be patient, and if you don't get a reply, come back later.

This help article's short URL is http://quakenet.org/help/106

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