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Someone took over our channel!

There are two requirements for you to be able to recover the channel:

  1. Have Q on the channel.

  2. Have owner/master flag. Please note that if the ones taking the channel over have the only owner flag, your master flag isn't worth much.

If you don't fulfill the first requirement, then there isn't much hope in recovering it. If you know you haven't been giving everyone ops or something similarily stupid, you can try asking about it in #help.

If you fulfill both of the requirements, you can use Q's recover command. To use this, you must first be authed. After that type this:

/msg Q recover #channel

This will deop everyone on the channel and remove all bans and modes (+key, +limit, +invite) from the channel. After that, remember to remove flags from unwanted people and everything should be just fine.

If, for some reason, the ones taking over the channel got possession of the +n flag, you need to come to #help. There the staff will evaluate your situation and possibly give you a #feds ticket, where you can recover the channel with the help of ircops. If the staff refuse to give you a #feds ticket for some reason, then consider the channel lost.

Please note that even if you received a ticket to #feds, you need to find out what caused the takeover. If #feds staff recovers the channel for you without you knowing what really caused the takeover, you'll probably just lose the channel again to the same people, the same way. Take a look at our Security FAQ for the ways a channel can be taken over.

This help article's short URL is http://quakenet.org/help/10

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