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I want a channel but there is already someone in it. What can I do?

If the channel has Q, there is nothing you can do. The channel is considered owned as long as the bots stay there, and you will have to wait for the bot to leave on it's own. Q will leave after at least 40 days of inactivity. There is no way to look up how long it has been inactive, and staff/opers will not tell you.

If the channel does not have Q, but has an opped user the channel is considered to be his, and you will not get any help to retrieve the channel. Even if this person is an idle bnc / bot, it is still considered owned by him, and untill he leaves or gives you op there is nothing to be done.

If the channel does not have Q, but has a user that is not opped you can attempt /msg R requestop #channel to gain ops in the channel. Do not take it for granted that you will get it, R checks several factors before deciding to give op or not. If R tells you that you can not get op in that channel, IRC operators will not help you gain ops there either.

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