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What do those G-line reasons mean?

On QuakeNet, when a user is G-Lined, the reason is always sent to the user. Below is an explanation of the G-Lines which get placed automatically by QuakeNet services, all other type of G-Lines are set manually: (note that all of the IDs are only for our internal use - asking about an ID gets you nowhere)

You (nick!user@likes.to.click.links.com) are infected with a trojan (Trojan name), see http://trojanscan.quakenet.org/1337 for details - banned for X hours.
If a host is identified by TrojanScan to be infected with malware which connects to QuakeNet, then the host is G-Lined. The reason usually contains useful information for cleaning your computer of the infection.

You are infected with a trojan, please clean your PC (ID: X).
This G-Line is placed for similar reasons as the above. The host has been identified to be infected by malware.

Open Proxy, see http://www.quakenet.org/openproxies.html - ID: X
When an open proxy is identified by ProxyScan, the host is glined with the above reason. This means the proxy is allowing connections from the internet, therefore any user on the internet can use it to connect to QuakeNet. Reconfigure the proxy so it does not allow clients on the internet to use it. More info about open proxies can be found here.

Reserved Nickname (ID: X)
This G-Line is placed when a user has used a nickname that closely resembles a service, or could be used to deceive users.

You have violated network rules, ID: X
If you are G-Lined with this reason, then someone on your current host has been breaking the network rules, and has been automatically G-Lined by S.

Too many clones from your host.
This means that you have connected too many clients from the host you are currently connecting from. On QuakeNet, 5 clones are allowed from each host before the host is automatically G-Lined. Users on trusted hosts are allowed to bypass this limit, and are entitled to connect as many clones as their trust permits. Other users who are on certain ISPs are only allowed to connect 2, or possibly 1 clone from their host. However, the excess connection will not result in a G-Line, the connect attempt will simply be refused.

Too many connections from your user.
This type of G-Line only occurs on trusted hosts. It means that too many clients have connected with the same ident and therefore the combination of ident and host has been G-Lined. The limit on the majority of trusts is 1 user per ident, however, this is not always the case.

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