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How do I add/remove someone on a channel?

You can add/change/remove someone's access level with Q using the CHANLEV command. You cannot change flags on channels where Q is suspended.

Unlike in previous versions of Q you cannot give someone the owner (+n) flag using the CHANLEV command, you MUST use the GIVEOWNER command instead. However, you can still remove an owner using the CHANLEV command as previously.

To add/remove flags from a user based on their current IRC nick:

Write /msg Q CHANLEV #channel nick +-flags

To add/remove flags from a user based on their Q account:

Write /msg Q CHANLEV #channel #qaccount +-flags

Note the # prefixing the Q account name!

An example:

/msg Q CHANLEV #channel user1 -ao

/msg Q CHANLEV #channel #user2 +amo

The flags define a user's access on a channel, see the CHANLEV for details on the available flags and their function.

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