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Why can't I see people joining my channel?

You have delayed join mode (+D) set on your channel. To check if you have +D set, do /MODE #channel, and inspect the list of modes that are returned. If +D is set, remove it by doing /MODE #channel -D

Note that any invisible users will not become visible when you unset this mode.

If invisible users are present, channel mode +d is set. You cannot remove this mode. It can only be unset by the server when no more invisible users are left on the channel. You can view the invisible users by doing /NAMES -d #channel

To make the invisible users visable, you must either kick them from the channel using /KICK #channel nickname, set +v on them using /MODE #channel +v nickname or set +o on them (not recommended). Only when all the invisible users are made visible will +d be cleared from the channel.

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