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There is only Q/someone on a channel, can I have that channel?

If Q is still in the channel it is considered in use. Q will automatically leave if the channel remains unused for at least 40 days - it could take more, so don't count on it to be exact.

By being in use we mean a user with flags on Q joining or someone changing the CHANLEV of the channel from outside. It is not possible for a user to know how long a channel has been inactive, you just have to wait and see.

If there is no Q in the channel, but there is a normal user with ops then the channel is considered to be his. A channel without Q always belongs to whoever has op in it at the time. If the user in the channel is not opped, you can try /msg R requestop #channel. If R tells you no for whatever reason, #help staff or irc operators will not give you the channel either - don't ask.

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