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I own a channel - what are my responsibilities?

By owning a channel, we mean that you have a +n flag in Q in that channel. If you don't have Q in your channel, you don't really 'own' it as every channel op has equal rights in there. Thus any op could just deop you and then it wouldn't be 'your' channel anymore.

If you do have +n on Q, you own the channel with the rest of the people who have +n in there. Here are some things you need to take care of when you own a channel:

  • Give out flags to people you trust. The owner flag (+n) is not to be given to anyone who you don't trust 100%. Master flag (+m) should be given to people who are supposed to take care of the channel's functionality by adding +o users. An ideal new channel's management routine is:
  • Owner possibly adds another trusted owner
  1. Owner adds a few masters

  2. Masters add ops and set up channel settings (owner can do this aswell)

  3. Ops take care of the channel by kicking&banning users, setting the topic, etc.

  • Supervise the channel's flagged users. If someone with flags starts acting up, remove his flags and make sure nobody gives them back to him.

  • Think of ways to control flood/spam/advertisements. If your channel is big enough, you can request S, which should take care of those. As S isn't very configurable, you may need something else to take care of the problem. Also remember that you shouldn't use S as the only flood prevention mechanism on the channel, as it may be offline, and won't be on both sides of a netsplit.

  • In general, make sure your channel isn't breaking any QuakeNet rules.

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