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I'm G/K-lined, what can I do?

If you are G-lined from Quakenet, the reason will be stated in the line above/before the actual Quit/Kill message saying (G-Lined). If you are connecting through a bnc, this line might be filtered out. To find out the reason you should connect to the shell, connect with a normal irc client (such as irssi) from the same IP and you will see the G-line reason. If you do not understand the reason you are G-lined for, you can contact #help for clarification. #help will however not provide you with any info regarding the g-line such as duration, nor will it be removed upon request. All G-lines will last for however long they have been set, and you have to just wait for it to expire.

A K-line is a server-local ban unlike a G-line that is network wide. K-lines are very rarely used on Quakenet, with the exception of the !root@* K-line on most servers. IRCing from the root account of a server is very insecure, and is therefor K-lined on Quakenet to protect the security of our users.

This help article's short URL is http://quakenet.org/help/119

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