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What is IRC? What is an IRC Network?

IRC (short for Internet Relay Chat) is an internet protocol designed to allow group and person-to-person text-based chat. An IRC Network is a collection of IRC servers connected to each other. IRC networks usually differentiate themselves by theme. For example, QuakeNet is a mostly gaming oriented network.

Connecting to an IRC Network is easily accomplished using an IRC client such as mIRC, weechat, kvirc or irssi, which are among the most popular ones (links needed) or you could use our online webchat client. When you connect to a server on a specific network, the entire network is available to you. To see a list of QuakeNet’s servers, click here.

Group chat on IRC is done in chat rooms (referred to as channels), which can hold an unlimited number of chatters simultaneously. Channel names start with a hash mark (#) and feature a channel topic, modes, and more. Person to person chat is also possible, usually by double-clicking on the person you want to chat with.

The IRC protocol accepts commands to do various things on the network. Commands are usually prefixed with a forward slash (/). The most common ones that are available across most IRC clients and networks are /join to join a channel, /part to leave a channel, and /query to private-message a user.

If you would like to learn more about IRC, you can browse our help articles.

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