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Can you give me flags on #channel?

As a general rule, QuakeNet staff will not give you flags on a channel. The only exception is if the channel / owner auth has been taken over and ownership of the channel "stolen". If this has happened to you, contact #help for assistance. Please note that only the original owner of the channel will get this help. If you are his friend, a +o or a +m of the channel you have to wait for the owner to come online.

If you have given someone else +n and they have then taken away your +n, this does not constitute a takeover. Everyone with +n access is considered a full owner of the channel, and can remove people as they feel like - that includes you, even if the channel was originally yours. Read more about what isn't considered a takeover at QuakeNet rules. Do not give +n to anyone you do not trust 100%!

If your auth has been suspended, the account has expired or you have chosen to make a new one, you will have to ask a channel owner (+n) or master (+m) in the channels you were in to add you back. QuakeNet staff will not "reimburse" the flags you have lost on the old account.

If you were the only owner of a channel on a suspended auth you will have to wait for that auth to expire (after 180 days) then ask someone with +m (or +o if nobody has +m) to REQUESTOWNER on the channel.

This help article's short URL is http://quakenet.org/help/22

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