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What is a g/k-line?

If you're trying to connect to QuakeNet and the server tells you that you have been K-lined or G-lined it means that you have been banned from QuakeNet, and the reason for that ban is ALWAYS sent out right after the server tells you that you are banned. Some scripts, bots and bouncers hide this reason, but the reason is always sent. It's really up to your client/script/whatever if you ever see it or not.

The difference between a G-line and a K-line is that a G-line is network-wide and a K-line is for one server. So if you're K-lined, you can use some other server to connect to QuakeNet.

Please don't join #help asking for reasons or expiry times as they won't provide you with that info anyway.

This help article's short URL is http://quakenet.org/help/6

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